A NBG Home Decor Company

Development & Design

close-up-image-lampsAs we shop across the globe looking for new inspirations, we strive to find combinations of elements that create affordable styles for categories including: traditional, casual eclectic, western, lodge, coastal, urban, transitional and mild contemporary.

We carefully note trend elements including: furniture, finishes, prominent wood grains, upholstery patterns and colors, decorative accessory shapes and finishes, prominent furniture design shapes and lines, women’s accessories such as necklaces, earrings, dress patterns, etc.  As we assimilate the many trends prevalent during a given time period, we then attempt to filter and determine what is ‘saleable’ in ‘Middle America’ while being affordable and able to be produced under specific customer criteria.  We consistently execute customer brand label and private designs for the many multi-tiered product development organizations throughout the country.  Feel free to send us your desired products specs and we will gladly analyze, advise and execute based on the price point, time frame and final product needs.